PR Racing Racing Announces the new SB401-R 4wd Buggy!

UPDATE: Now In-Stock HERE!

PR Racing continues to produce great products with their latest RTR versions and now a new wheeler for the hottest class in R/C at the moment.

Introducing the latest SB401 4×4 1/10th scale buggy…the SB401 Type-R(SB401-R)!


This is a revised version of the successful SB401-LW. There are many upgrades included in the kit and many parts are the same.

One of which is the improved ackerman of the steering mechanism. A revised rack plate gets that done.


Another of the main features and to improve the CG height of the wheel is the center spine design. A carbon fiber spine plate now increase bending stiffness but allows increased torsional flex for more grip and better handling overall. New CNC’ed alum gear case braces tie the chassis plate and gear case together now. This setup will certainly improve the time it takes to make setup changes.


The Slipper assembly has been revised. It’s quieter and has been moved forward 10mm for improved front weight distribution. The slipper spring assembly has also been improved to allow easier slipper changes.


The floating sero mount helps reduce inconsistency introduced by using standard servo mount blocks. By providing a rigid mount, the servo stays in place and does not affect the chassis flex any longer.


Another improvement for the hardcore races and one of my favorite updates is the pillow block suspension mounts. This allows multiple rear toe adjustments along with rollcenter adjustments. The same setup is included in the front hanger and allows for anti-squat adjustments without raising the whole mount up on the chassis.


New grey shock cups and shorter rod ends… mainly for looks but the slightly shorter rod ends will help with the turnbuckles snapping off we think. They do look kinda trick.


Included are the aluminum caster blocks!


One of the last new features is the narrow chassis plate. This feature alone increase torsional flex and is the foundation for the carbon spin and improved bending stiffness.

The new car maintains the Type-R body previously released for the LW kit.



Hot new packaging will surely draw some eyeballs in the stores!


PR Racing is the best unknown R/C car company being sold in the US. As you can see the quality of these kits is world class! The Performance will be shown as the Race Team grows and draws more top caliber drivers. PR Racing is soon to be a world contender.

We expect kits sometime around November or before….yes, we know that’s kinda vague… that is all the info we get from PR at this point.