New Product: SRS 5 Degree Rear EVO Toe Block – CANCELED

Need more rear toe?

Shortly after posting this article PR announced their identical version of it. Since we were having some difficulty finding stock in the correct size, we have decided to cancel our version…and stopped working on it some time ago. No sense in wasting time have 2 items that are exactly the same.

I don’t think we will post anything new from us until it’s fully ready to go going forward.

The PR Part Number is: 71400706 and we have them in-stock at the moment.

The original article….

Wish you had more rear toe on your EVO 2wd Buggy? Look no further than the SRS rear toe block. With a max toe angle of 5 degrees per side, you will find more entry/exit stability on loose dirt tracks and slick hard pack tracks.

The pictures you see are the prototypes we have been testing over the past few weeks. The final blocks will be anodized grey, have the SRS logo engraved and will be a direct bolt-on in place of the stock rear toe block. We did find one dimension that was off, which we have fixed in the CAD models before going to production.

You will need to keep an eye on your dogbone/outdrive location when running more droop on the rear suspension. We were using the +1.3mm outdrives and the stock 65mm bones for our testing.

Rear toe was measured with an Integy setup station.

And yes, what you see above is an EVO 2wd buggy in MM configuration…which has now been changed back to the standard FM config.

Block uses the stock inserts and still allows all the other positions on the inserts, but with 1.5deg more toe, even on the min toe setting….so 2-5deg range.

You can pre-order here: