PR Racing 2wd A-Arm Guide

PR Racing has several part numbers available from the original S1 arms to the current EVO arms. Below is a list of part numbers with links to our store.

Original S1 Arms(Type A) Full Set – 65400016   These are a bit wider than the current S1 V3 EVO arms….so watch your widths. Flat Front and Rear Arms.

Current S1 Flat Arms – 69400166 – Regular material, Flat configuration.

Current S1 Gull Wing Arms – 69400156 – Regular material, Gull Wing configuration. Updated to 2020 spec, more material filling in the open areas.

Current S1 Full Set(Type B) – 69400146 – Regular Material, Flat front arm, Regular Rear 2wd gull wing arm(69400176).

Current S1 EVO Rear Arms – 69400176 – Rear 2wd Gull Wing Arms, Regular material.

Current SB401 Type-R Rear Arms – 77500336 – Rear 4wd Gull Wing Arms, Regular material. These can also be used on 2wd where you need extra beef. They are slightly heavier.

Hopefully this helps you select the right arms for your kit. Don’t forget to check out the full range of PR Racing Products on our Store pages.