New “LowMID” performance package for PR Racing’s 2019 EVO 2wd buggy

SRS offers a new performance package for the PR Racing 2019 EVO 2wd buggy.

The package improves performance on low to medium grip tracks as well as more flexibility with from ride height.

There are 6 parts included in the package and will also offers some instruction on use of the package. These are all PR Parts that are offered in the kit, however, modification have been done on 3 of them.

Development over the winter on a low to medium grip track has shown much improved rear grip center and off corner along with more stability on entry. The added adjustability in the front end ride height also adds a wider tuning window on front end feel.

You can PRE-ORDER on our store now: Here


Note: this package does not work well with the 2020 EVO buggy. PR Racing has taken that version much farther to the high grip…carpet/turf side and reverted to an older height of the C block which negates any gains this package would give.