PR Racing and The R/C Pro-Shop Team Up! Edited(5/22)

For Immediate Release: March 11, 2017
Jackson, MI – The R/C Pro-Shop and PR Racing form distribution partnership!

The R/C Pro-Shop will now be distributing PR Racing products in the USA through our sister company, SR Distribution. This includes the entire PR Racing product line of electric vehicles including PRR’s new SB401-LW 4wd Buggy, PS1 V3 MidMotor 2wd Buggy and ST1 V3T Stadium Truck with laydown Transmission.


PR Racing produces some of the finest R/C Race Cars and Trucks on the planet today. They are also continuing to offer very low development times, so kits get updated with the latest parts very fast….IE First to market with a laydown 2wd Buggy…well over a year ago and now the first with a production laydown Stadium Truck.

We have brought on PR Racing to add to our growing line up of top end products as well as improve our race efforts. We will continue to support the established brands we currently carry.

“I’ve built and have raced several of their kits and I can tell you they are faster than I am. They have super fit, finish and durability. Lots of option parts already available and tuning options in the base kit are great.”

What does this mean for the racer?

First of all, we hope this means more wins for you!!!

We will begin taking driver applications for our race team very soon, hopefully by the end of the month(March)… which didn’t happen, but we are working very hard to get this in place by June.

There will also ongoing in-house development of add on parts that improve durability in an areas found to be lacking as well as parts for better handling…or simply just good looks.

We will also offer pre-built “PRO-Prepped” vehicles that are ready to go as well as offer some customizations.

What about hobby dealers?
If you are or know a hobby shop owner, we have revised our plan. If you are interested in offering PR Racing products at your store, please contact us and we will be glad to work with you.

With this announcement, we are beyond excited for 2017 and hope that you will joint us for a new adventure!