It didn’t start with the Traxxas T-Maxx

The R/C Pro-Shop was born out of the need to reduce costs to go R/C racing. I was 16 and had a truck to pay for and also needed gas money. So with parts in hand/box/truck I started going to the local races where we where getting 300+ entries once a month. Back then 95% of the cars where original RC10s… It was, after all the late 80’s early 90’s…the RC10 was still pretty much king. It started with a table and some parts… then a closable peg board setup held more items. Then it was off to college where I continued to sell parts when I could.

RC10-Classic-box-top-3000_mdI sold parts all through college and finally was nearing graduation when this thing called the internet was just getting going. And so it was on…. time to build a website. I taught myself basic HTML, then some database programing. Things got going slowly but about 6months after I graduated this thing called the Traxxas T-Maxx was born. At that point I was doing a nice amount of sales, but the T-Maxx was one of the first kits I began to purchase for sale on the site. Another year goes by and we started seeing some aftermarket parts being made for the T-Maxx. I took a leap and maxed out my small but “enough” credit limit to get a bunch of CNC’d parts for the truck. I was one of the first to sell Aluminum Bulkheads, A-Arms and other parts on eBay. This was the beginning of a 4 year run that saw the business grow beyond my capabilities. All the while trying to upgrade and keep up with all the latest trends in websites.

During those years, there have been many versions of…some of them sweet, others not so much. Business was good enough that I contemplated quitting the day job… lucky for me, at the time, I didn’t…sales started to go down, year after year, and then we hit the recession of 2008. I would have been down and out if I was working full-time on the business…instead I just went into the day job everyday and kept my head down hoping it wasn’t the day I got let go. It wasn’t and the company made it too. R/C sales where near zero during that time. A year or so of doing that and I will admit that I lost a lot of interest in R/C. I was helping out a full size race team and was having fun. The economy started looking better, but it seemed like the R/C Hobby had not yet recovered. I kept on working on fullsize race cars for quiet a few years.

Then I became motivated and re-energized to get things back on track, back to where I had had them in 2000 and focus on providing an awesome place to shop online and off. And so we have re-launched and also working to open a retail store. This had turned out to be more work than I had at first thought. We have a decent location, so I am pretty excited to get all my businesses in one place for once. We have a lot of things planned for you in the coming months. Join our newsletter to stay in touch, or hit up our facebook page.

So really one Traxxas truck has push into having one of the largest selection of parts on the wasn’t the start..the RC10 was. We will be diversifying the product offerings going forward. Short Course trucks, like the Slash seem to be strong as does the off-road racing scene. We have a few tracks around our local area that we plan to support and attend as much as we can in the coming years.

I can promise you, we will offer you some of the best pricing and fastest shipping we possibly can. We will also have some of the best sales staff around. Original old schoolers who know R/C, not just reading info from a website. Don’t forget, we will soon offer screen printed R/C themed T-shirts and wraps through our graphics company PRO Designs Plus. And we know that a lot of guys who have R/C cars and trucks also race fullsize cars…if you happen to be one of those guys, check out ScottyRocket Shocks for custom racing shocks.

Stay tuned!


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