Battle Born Power System’s LiPo Packs

We would like to announce our new line of Battle Born LiPo 2s Battery Packs.

Our new packs are very durable and lower cost than full race packs. They are intended for the Sportsman Racer and regular Basher that wants dependability without the high prices.

Our plan is to have packs available in our store and online by the end of July, maybe beginning of August if things slip.

We will be offering them in several capacities and C ratings….

7400 mAh 80C 2s 7.4v
These are geared towards the club modified racer and SC crowd. Great run times.

7000 mAh 90C 2s 7.4v(labeled 80C)
These are for the stock class club racer and offer great punch and more area under the curve.

6500 mAh 90C 2s 7.4v(labeled 80C)
These fall in between the sportsman racer and general basher. High C rating and long run times with lower pricing than the 7000 or 7500.

5100 mAh 65C 2s 7.4v(labeled 60C)
These are perfect for longer run times in RTR kits over the NiMh packs as well as the ultra low budget stock racer.


  • 12 gauge wiring harness
  • Dean’s connector installed
  • Balance port connector already installed


7400 mAh 80c : $56.99
7000 mAh 90c : $60.99
6500 mAh 90c : $56.99
5200 mAh 65c : $39.99 (introductory price special)

Please ensure you are selecting the correct C Rating for your application. While our packs are C Rated for continuous discharge, others are not. Our Burst C Ratings are 2 times the continuous Rating.

C rating usage guidelines:

up to 25c – Light flight in planes, small helis and quad copters.
25-50c – Lower power motors in cars and trucks.
50-80c – Higher power stock class 17.5
65c and up – Car/Truck/SC Modified class racing, Racing Drones.
80c and up – 1/10th and larger monster trucks, Truggies
100c and up – Drag cars, High Power Boats, On-road/high bite/traction tracks.
*** Note: Battery Puffing is a sure sign that your battery is under rated for your application. ***


Q: Will you have shorty packs?  A: Not at this time and it isn’t in our plan. Our intent was to supply Sportsman Racers and Bashers with great packs and a decent price.

Q: Will you be offering 3s or 4s packs?  A: We may offer 3s and 4s from time to time. Currently we are not however.

Q: Will you be offering an other capacities or C Racings?  A: Most likely they will change over time depending on sales volume and demand for other capacities. Feel free to drop us a note on what capacities/C ratings you are looking for.

Q: Will you be providing a warranty?  A: This is a tough question, for the most part we would like to support our products by offering one but yet, they are usage sensitive. So with that said, we will be looking at each incident on a case by case basis and with possibly some pro-rating of replacement cost involved. We have a good idea of what a “Normal” failure rate is and will be watching closely. So short answer: yes….depending on usage and history with the packs. The higher the power application, the less likely it will be replaced without cost to the customer.

We thank everyone for the effort in our testing and making Battle Born Power Systems a reality. We are sure everyone will be pleased with these packs.




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